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Chapters in Books and Symposia

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  • Carey, R., and Burkell, J.A. (2009). A Heuristics Approach to Understanding Privacy-Protecting Behaviors in Digital Social Environments. In Ian Kerr, Valerie Steeves, and Carole Lucock (Eds.) Anonymity, Identity and Privacy: Lessons from the ID Trail (pp 65-82). New York: Oxford University Press.
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  • Burkell, J.A., Schneider, B. and Pressley, M. (1990).  Chapter 7: Mathematics.  In M. Pressley and Associates, Cognitive Strategy Instruction That Really Improves Children’s Academic Performance.  Cambridge, MA: Brookline Books.


Papers in refereed journals

  • Steeves, V., Bailey, J., Burkell, J., and Regan, P. (accepted). From “bicycle face” to Facebook: negotiating with gender stereotypes on social networking sites. Journal of  Communication Inquiry.
  • Burkell, J., Chandler, J, and Shemie, S. (accepted). Attitudes toward reciprocity systems for organ donation and allocation for transplantation. Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law.
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Refereed Conference Proceedings – Full Papers

  • Rubin, V. L., Burkell, J., and Quan-Haase, A. (2010). Everyday Serendipity as Described in Social Media. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting:  Navigating Streams in an Information Ecosystem, October 22–27, 2010, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. (ASIS&T 2010)
  • Burkell, J., Campbell, G.D., and Peltier, C. (July, 2004). The art of informing: How information and communication technologies can empower the decision maker. Joint meeting of the International Conference on Politics and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications (PISTA 2004) and the International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications (CITSA 2004), Orlando, USA.